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I was recently at the Service Design Jam, in Bern, a global event taking place since 2011 in almost 90 locations worldwide, involving people passionate about service design. As service designer, could I miss this event?! Not at all!

One of the most meaningful answers for people trying to produce less waste is the opportunity to buy unpackaged. Find out my advices for entrepreneurs interested in the opening of a new shop!

Eco-stationery shopping list for green meeting. For us designers busy inventing news ways for people to work together and sharing our ideas visually, there’s another challenge to face: how to make workshops and meetings zero waste? 

After attending the course “From ideas to action” from IDEO, I would like to show you how giving life to concepts through design thinking and prototyping.

I would like to open a new theme series on my blog, speaking about great green and sustainable businesses and I like to name it “green business models”.

Zero Waste is essentially a matter of changing our way of thinking

On the occasion of the Zero Waste Week, I want to share with you some innovative solutions and projects, which try to give effective answers, or prevent, the waste of food and raw materials.

Empowering people through collaborative design

The role of the human-centered design in making business and cities more fair and sustainable.

Is there a formula to create a successful business?

What kind of process can help your company to strengthen it’s own identity through a real meaningful offer?

How to quit “chitchat” about something and take action to achieve concrete results.

This practical guide will help you to learn the essential rules to run successful workshops.

The second chapter of my eco-design manual about ecological paper.

I’ll bring you into a trip throug the large panorama of paper made from natural raw material, industrial and agriculture waste.

How to choose an ecologic paper can give value to your printing project.

I will show you the best alternative sustainable papers for your advertising. You’ll find out unusuals materials: from poo-paper to orange peel paper.

The ideas that can change communication and business profit

Why companies must now start to make sustainable business? Because it is urgent to save our Planet from environmental and social decline. We must stop to make only green washing! Don’t you think?